Greetings all! We have a new blogsite: – hope to see you there!

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Greetings all! We have a new blogsite: – so if you are seeing this one it is the very old site. Please stop by and visit our new suite at:


hope to see you there!


Gemma & Carl’s beautiful destination wedding in Prague!

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Congratulations to Gemma & Carl who married here recently in Prague!

Sometimes words are not enough. Gemma & Carl are two wonderful people who traveled down from the UK with their family & close friends.  There were so many beautiful moments, hugs, smiles and kisses and of course who could forget the monkey?  Gemma & Carl experienced a  truly beautiful day and well, let’s not read more about it – let’s look at their beautiful pictures and enjoy a small sample of their beautiful wedding pictures in Prague.

To Gemma & Carl, I wish you much love, happiness and future success in your new lives together as husband & wife. Both of you were a real joy to be around and I am very happy that I was chosen to be your photographer on such a beautiful day. I truly hope that you and your family will receive a lifetime of joy out of these beautiful images created for you.

— And a special thanks to my assistant Ira who did a fantastic job!


Kristal & Yong’s beautiful Pre-Wedding Portraits in Prague!

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Introducing one of my favorite couples of the year: Kristal & Yong who chose Prague for their Pre-Wedding Portrait Session!

Kristal & Yong traveled over from Glasgow, Scotland for their pre-wedding portraits and they were looking for something a bit different when it came to their portraits – not too flashy and more traditional.  So with a visit to Vrtbovska Zahrada and later around Mala Strana and especially Kampa Park we had a wonderful day spent creating beautiful images together –  in fact it was truly difficult to pick a small selection to showcase here as there were so many. Where is my ex-assistant Martina when I needed her?

One of my favorite images from their day (besides the portrait of them on Charles Bridge) is when a group of Italian tourists came by when Simona and Helena was touching Kristal up. She really stood out and truly was the star attraction no matter where we went. In fact I liked those images so much that I included one of them here.

But the best thing about working with Kristal & Yong was seeing them walk hand in hand atop the cobblestone streets of Prague enjoying their time together enjoying life. Sometimes it really is the simplest moments that make the biggest impressions.

To Kristal & Yong, many thanks – it was a pleasure getting to know you two and I truly hope you enjoy the small sample of images presented here. I wish you two much love, happiness and success in your new lives together. And I look forward to meeting with you two one day when our paths cross again!

And many thanks to my assistant Johanna as well as Simona who did the wonderful makeup on Kristal and hairstylist Helena who also did a wonderful job.


Sarah & Jason’s Destination Wedding in Bamberg Germany – Sarah & Jason: hochzeit in Bamberg, Deutschland

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Congratulations to Sarah & Jason who recently married in southern Germany on a beautiful summer day.

Jason’s family is from the USA and Sarah’s family is from Germany and so when they were thinking of where to marry they agreed on the wonderful historic Franconian town of Bamberg as Sarah grew up nearby and knew it’s charms.

They had a beautiful civil ceremony at the Bamberg Rathouse – afterwards many hugs and kisses were exchanged as everyone enjoyed champagne and local sweets and of course Laugenbretzen with wonderful music playing.

After the reception we took some time to explore the medieval streets of the old town before heading up to the Altenberg for a night of dinner and many speeches. Bamberg is not only well known for it’s beautiful architecture (it is also a sister city to Prague and has buildings designed by the same architects) it is also well known for its many breweries and as such always has beer festivals which make it a very lively and popular place. No matter where we went Sarah & Jason was the center of attention as many beers were held aloft in celebration of their union.

After a short stroll around the city center we headed up to the Altenberg where an evening full of slide shows, speeches and more toasts took place. One of the wonderful treats awaiting Sarah & Jason’s arrival was the flying wishes that everyone wrote out before attaching to balloons that were unleashed. As it was a truly beautiful day, the sight of so many balloons going up into the deep blue skies made for an unforgettable moment for everyone on hand.

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch an Sarah & Jason! I wish you two much love, happiness and success in your new life’s together as husband and wife. It was a pleasure getting to know you two as well as be a part of your wedding day! And I hope you enjoy the small sample of images presented.


Anne & Rich’s beautiful Pre-Wedding Portrait Session in Prague!

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Congratulations to Anne & Rich who recently married here in Prague!

Before they wedded, Anne & Rich decided to have a pre-wedding portrait session here in Prague – where they both reside. So on a recent summer evening we headed out for a fun filled evening of portraits on the cobblestone streets of Prague. Prague is very popular when it comes to creating stunning pre-wedding portraits or simply portraits in general and so I was very pleased that Anne & Rich decided to take advantage of the stunning location. And as you can see it was a lot of fun and of course it helps when you have a smokin couple who really enjoy their time together such as Anne & Rich.

To Anne & Rich, it was great being a part of your evening as well as your wedding day. I wish you both much love, happiness and success in your new live’s together as husband and wife. And I look forward to meeting up with you again! And a big thank you to my studly/kick ass assistant Johanna who is sadly leaving us for Paris! You will be missed…


Sona & Pavel’s beautiful Moravian Wedding in Dolni Kounice!

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Congratulations to Sona & Pavel who recently wedded in the beautiful Moravian countryside!

Sona & Pavel chose to wed at the beautiful 16th Century Chapel of St. Anthony that was built in 1757 by Frantisek Antonin Grim. The chapel overlooks the Moravian town of Dolni Kounice and is simply a beautiful setting to not only marry but to take in the tranquil valley below. In addition to the chapel there is a Calvalry with 14 stations that lead to the chapel.

After their wedding and congratulations (complete with the local Plum brandy) it was time to head to the castle that is on another hill that is opposite the chapel for the dinner and party complete with live music and many bottles of locally produced ‘frankovka’ wine. With so many young families and children on hand it was a wonderful atmosphere for everyone as Sona & Pavel really wanted the children to enjoy their wedding day as well.

Nearby the castle is a convent that was founded in 1181 by Vilem z Pulina for the sisters of the Premonstrate Order. Vilem z Pulina was forced to build the convent as punishment for the depredation of monastaries and churches in Austria. Today most of the convent is in ruins and for Sona & Pavel it made an ideal place for an evening portrait session. As you can see it was a truly wonderful idea and Sona & Pavel really enjoyed their time together.

Later in the evening it was time to light the flying wishes. With so many people on hand, it was truly beautiful watching so many of them float gently up into the night sky – I am sure many of the people on hand, many will never forget this truly beautiful wedding day.

To Sona & Pavel – congratulations again! It was a real treat for me to be a part of your beautiful wedding day. I wish both of you much love, happiness and success in your new life’s together as husband & wife.


Debbie & Nick’s Beautiful Destination Wedding in Prague!

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Congratulations to Debbie & Nick who recently married here in Prague!

There are some couple’s who are simply a joy to be around – Debbie & Nick are one of those couples. When we first met some time back I knew immediately we were going to have a great time on their wedding day.

The view from Nebozizek, the weather, and the atmosphere provided a nice relaxing spot for family members and friends to watch as Debbie & Nick exchanged vows. Later after their reception and dinner we set out for an evening portrait session just as the sky started to flare showing a beautiful range of colors as the sun set behind Prague Castle. We arrived just in time and as you can see everything came together quite nicely as Debbie & Nick enjoyed their first evening together as newlyweds.

To Debbie & Nick, it was truly a joy to be a part of your wedding day, I hope you two receive a lifetime of joy out of these images created for you. I wish you both much love, happiness and success in your new live’s together as husband and wife.